Sword of Light Camp hosts a variety of events each month on topics to do with Ordo Templi Orientis and western esotericism.

The Camp is run by initiate members of O.T.O. and our ranks include initiates of O.T.O., prospective members, interested guests, and friends from related organisations and spiritual paths who attend for educational and social reasons.

Our events include lectures, classes, workshops, book clubs and social events like coffee mornings and trips. Our events can be quite specific, discussing O.T.O. symbolism, literature and performing initiations, or as broad as to include events about world religions, classical philosophy and literature, art, music, history, ethics and activism.


Individuals may attend our events for as long as they would like as a guest, however joining O.T.O. can only be conferred in an official initiation ceremony by an officially chartered initiator. Sword of Light Camp offers the opportunity to take the Minerval degree of O.T.O. We do not perform the Gnostic Mass at present.


You must be on our mailing list to receive event invitations. Please make contact with us by using the contact form on this website. You can also follow our Facebook page to be informed of public events.