Joining Ordo Templi Orientis can only be conferred in an initiation ceremony properly performed by an officially chartered O.T.O. initiator. At present Sword of Light Camp is the only official O.T.O. body in Ireland.


O.T.O. initiation is like a series of playlets where the candidate is both the lead character and the audience. Our initiation rituals are over 100 years old and follow a set procedure which means that after initiation you become part of a fraternity made up of thousands of members around the world who share the same experiences.

Our initiations never contain illegal or sexual activities.

Membership Process

Only individuals over the age of 18 and of sound moral character will be considered for initiation.


The process begins with either being referred to us via email or completing the contact form on this website and introducting yourself. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and why you are interested in joining O.T.O. 

You may then be contacted via email from a member of the local body who will organise a phone call or Zoom conversation with you. After that you will be invited to some social events to see whther you are a good fit for the Order and whether the Order is a good fit for you. This process usually takes a couple of months, after which you may consider taking the introductory degree of O.T.O. called 'Minerval' with the agreement of the Camp Officers and Bodymaster. If an individuals behaviour is considered to be unsatisfactory at any stage of the vetting process we will withdraw the offer of initiation.

Occasionally we hold public talks which are open to anyone to attend. These are advertised on our Facebook page.